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TLDR – A whole-home media air filter is fantastic. They are less expensive to maintain than regular filters, and they are much better at filtering the air in your home. I also try to include them at cost on all new systems, versus charging $1,200 for “Premium Home Filtration System” upsell. It’s a metal box that holds a filter, and any HVAC company that tells you differently is taking you for a sales ride.

AC filters are one of the most neglected elements in both homes and businesses because they are quickly forgotten. Some people change them out on a yearly basis. I have also run into people that claim they just flip their filter over every so often, which is even worse than no filter at all. What they don’t realize is that ignoring their AC filter not only costs them more money, it also increases the “wear and tear” on the components that make up your HVAC system as well. The typical 1-inch air filters are a hassle for you, your AC, and your wallet but, installing a 5 to 6-inch media air filter will help alleviate all of these issues.

Reasons why regular 1-inch air filters suck:

  1. Regular air filters need to be changed every thirty days. 
  2. Even if it stays on the to-do list, the chances are that when they designed your home, they did not make the existing filter grills big enough. Simply put, most homes do not have enough filter area. If your filter is attached to the grill with a strong suction force and it makes a whistling noise, it is too small. 
  3. Purchasing a more expensive 1-inch filter is not a quick fix to filtration needs, in fact, it’s counterproductive by restricting the flow of air even further. A restrictive system is what you want to avoid because it takes more energy to push and pull air throughout. This equals a higher electricity bill and more wear and tear on your duct systems electric blower motor. 
  4. A colder attic coil due to reduced airflow causes the AC system to work harder, once again costing more money and sucking the lifespan from your unit.

Pros of switching to Media air filters:

  1. Media air filters are 5 to 6 inches thick, versus your common 1-inch filter. They are less restrictive and more effective in actually filtering your air. 
  2. They can also hold more dirt, making them last for 6 to 12-month change intervals. Gone are the days of the filter change ferry nagging you every 30 days. Just pop in a media air filter and you can breathe easy for a whole year. 
  3. Media air filters are installed at the source, next to your HVAC system in the attic. Instead of having multiple filters spread through the house, you now have only one. 
  4. Media filters are also more cost-effective than 1-inch filters, no matter how you do the math. Replacing two of the standard 1-inch filters a month for 12 months costs roughly $48. Not only can you cut that in half by purchasing one Media air filter for $25 per year, but you can also expect a lower electricity bill as well.

Bottom line

Push your HVAC contractor to include a media air filter at cost, versus up-selling you on an overpriced $1,200 “premium air filtration system.” 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me – Anthony – at 33 Solutions LLC!